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Très Chic Interiors is a full service Design firm that manages projects in the Houston area. From start to finish, Très Chic Interiors takes you through every step of the process. We offer a wide range of Interior Design services to ensure a high level result in residential interiors.
Our knowledge in custom furnishing, antiques, textiles and art will bring to your home the personality and taste that combines sophistication and practical living.


We will research and present options of flooring, including soft flooring,countertops, appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware and lighting to provide each customer with a personalized selection that reflects the client's personality and taste.


We walk you through the remodeling process, offering remodeling in the kitchen area, master bedroom/bathroom and all living areas.


During the consultation, we work with clients in choosing the right paint color for their interior, room -by- room. The process involves testing the paint selected on sample boards.

2 hours consultation up to 4 rooms.

4 hours consultation up to 10 rooms.

We take our clients to find the perfect furniture and home goods to add an elegant and sophisticated touch to their interior and select the upholstery needed for furniture and window treatment.

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I found Frederique Goodrich right when I was starting to build a new elevated house after Hurricane Harvey. She came to my temporary apartment building and she spent  2 hours with me so we could meet and see if we could work together.  I immediately felt good about her. My instincts were right! Frederique knew the places to go for tile, quartzite and wallpaper. She knows her paint colors. She read my house plans and made suggestions. She took me to the design center and we found wallpaper and window shades right away. Anyone Frederique hired for me was terrific

And the best part is that she is dependable and follows through with everything. She wanted me to be happy with my new home. I think my home is beautiful and Frederique played a big part in this.

A picture is worth a thousand words - take a look right here!


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